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Saffron Merchants Company

Saffron Merchants Company is the exclusive North America distributor of Tarvand Saffron Company products. Our mission is to bring the highest quality saffron to American consumers at an affordable price. We are currently open to wholesale orders, and can work with you to create customized packaging.
Our sales office is located in the San Francisco Bay Area. From first contact to delivery, we aim to surpass both large and small client’s expectations. Contact us today for a free price quote!


Tarvand Saffron Company

Located in the town of Ghaen, the saffron capital of the world, Tarvand Saffron Company has a long and rich history of cultivating the highest quality saffron available. Dealing with over 15 tons of saffron yearly (almost 20% of domestic consumption in Iran), Tarvand employs the latest cultivation technologies and a highly professional staff, resulting in the most aromatic and brilliantly flavored saffron.
For more information on the history of Tarvand Saffron Co, please click here.