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Bulk Saffron

Here at Saffron Merchants Company, we offer a wide variety of saffron. Our most popular saffron is our Negin Sargol and Negin Pushali, however we also carry additional Sargols, Pushali, Dasteh, Rio, and more.

No chemicals are used in the production of our saffron. Our saffron does not contain any additives, preservatives, or artificial coloring.

Color Power is a common way to measure the quality of saffron. All of our saffron scores very high in terms of color power. Detailed information on the grading and classifications  of our saffron can be found here.

Negin Sargol

Translated as “top of the flower” Sargol is the most ideal part of the flower. The Sargol consist of the very tip of the stigmas, producing the highest color power (260-280).

Negin Pushali

Larger in size than the Negin Sargol, our Negi Pushali is another superb quality saffron. Very strong in stigmas, it also registers very high in coloring (240-260).


For ordering, please contact us at sales@saffronmerchants.com with your choice of grade(s) and quantity.